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 Due to Covid 19 we have  make some changes to  the way we operate.

Visits to our kennels will be only with prior agreement inline with government safety advice.

We will be updating our website , facebook and instagram weekly with videos and photos.


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All our pups are wormed on a regular basis as are the mothers, this is paramount in the early stages of a puppies life, they are weaned off their mother at between six and eight weeks of age depending on their development.

Pups from the first stages of independent eating are introduced to  Skinners Field & Trial puppy I feel this is essential to the growth and well being of pups.

Our puppies are home reared and socialised, necessary in building confidence.  Children are encouraged to get involved and this we find makes for lively & happy pups.


Tips when purchasing a Pup

When viewing a puppy for purchasing always ask the breeder about general health, feeding, worming and vaccination if the pup has been reared correctly then this information will be available.  Always look for obvious signs, a distended belly maybe a result of non-worming and also that the pup will feel lightweight. A lump in the groin or stomach area possible hernia which can be corrected by surgery.  Look at the eyes they should appear clear and bright and the nose should feel moist and not runny the overall look of well being of the pup is paramount. Check the mouth and that the jaw is not under or overshot this will be an important factor in future breeding.

Some people have a defined approach when choosing a puppy, do you go for the up front pup who's first on the scene or the one sitting at the back taking it all in?, myself I would go for the pup who's full of themselves and happy to greet, my husband on the other hand would prefer the pup who's quiet and taking everything in, what you don't want is a nervous pup for any aspect of work as it may not take to instructions readily and this causes undue stress to the pup when training is given.

Border Collies are a fantastic breed and are at their best when they have access to work whether it be sheep or cattle, trialling, agility/flyball or obedience in all instances they need exercise and stimulation as quite often happens, stress, disruption and aggression will become evident. This should be taken into account when you decide on a border collie.

Tips on feeding pups


The digestive system of a pup doesn’t fully form until they are eight weeks of age so it is best that they are fed on a high protein, we recommend Field & Trial puppy. I feel pups are pups until they reach seven months of age then puppy/junior food can be introduced.  Owner of new puppies are often unaware of a feeding programme, my advise is to go online to a  reputable dog food manufacturer where advisors will chat to you online and help with any questions.

Tips on worming pups


If you are rearing puppies from birth it is advisable to worm at ten days of age with a suspension.  I use Drontal / Panacur which can be obtained from your veterinary centre and advice will be given on dosage and frequency.    Never buy over the counter wormers as you are wasting your money as they never work.  Worming is paramount in a pups development and must not be avoided.

If you have just received your eight week pup ask about it’s worming programme, if the information is sketchy and unclear worm the animal as soon as you can as the longer you leave the pup untreated the more debilitating it will become.  I cannot stress the importance of worming.

The most common are roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms.  Of these four only two are seen in the faeces and that is roundworm and tapeworms the others would be detected by a stool sample.  Worm infestation cause symptoms such as loss of vitality, diarrhoea, perhaps with blood or a watery substance, weight loss, a pot belly, dry fur, and a general poor appearance this can lead to death in severe cases.

 Adult feeding


With the extensive varieties of adult dry foods available on the market it is so easy to fall prey to manufacturers' advertising, without knowing fully about the product and its ingredients and is it the right food for our dogs.  We must learn what we are actually feeding our animals and not just take a fleeting glance at the ingredients.  Do we understand about proteins? 'we recommend Skinners Field &Trial  it varies from actual working dogs to canines leading a more sedentary lifestyle.

 Having spoken with several dog owners you would be amazed how little they know on the feeds that they give.  What you don't want to be doing is feeding masses of cereals which are found in several branded kibbles. 


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